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Pattaya Beach Dental Clinic
27/24 M.10 Pattaya 2rd Road, Nongprue,
Banglamung, Chonburi Thailand 20150
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Mr.Richard Rigby

Kathie, the staff, service and atmosphere were good.  Effectiveness of the whitening treatment and price were also good.I did however find the procedure to be somewhat uncomfortable as my face was fully covered throughout. This felt claustrophobic.  I have used the Zoom system in previous clinics and I encountered no such problems. Perhaps earphones with music or other forms of distraction would have helped.  In future, I will seek out the Zoom solution even if it is more costly.

Thank you. 


To be quite honest, everything about my experience on my first visit was excellent. The welcome, the presentation of the clinic, cleanliness, staff, and care, all were very good. I cannot think of any practical way in which my personal experience could have been improved. And I am looking forward to seeing you again in July.


More than happy, Kathie.
No specific suggestions - just very pleased overall.
Have told all that have asked that I totally recommend you.




There is nothing i would change. I'm absolutely happy with the services i received. The staff, reception, assistants, and doctors are the best. They were always concerned about my needs and that i was made comfortable. I will use their services on all my trips to Pattaya for cleanings etc. 
Thanks again....


I would like to say that my experience with your dental clinic was very nice.
I found Dr.Kai to be a very kind and sympathetic dentist. He was very professional in the way he treated me, and he was always very concerned that he made me very happy with his service. I would highly recommend Dr.Kai to anybody.
Also the staffs at the clinic were all very nice and polite to me every day. The receptionist was a very nice girl. Very friendly and polite every day. And Dr.Kai's assistant was also very nice and very professional.  
I will be in Thailand again soon and I would certainly come back to your clinic if I needed treatment.
Thanks again for you wonderful service.

Kind regards,

Rigby. (London)


Dental Crowns

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are restorations that preserve the functionality of damaged teeth, protect cracked or broken down tooth, restore functionality of a tooth with excessive decay, or replace a pre-existing crown.

During the dental crown procedure, the first appointment your dentist prepares or preparation the tooth and makes a molded impression of the teeth to send to a dental laboratory. A fitted, temporary crown is created during this visit to temporarily protect the tooth while the final restoration is being made in the dental laboratory. Once completed, the crown is cemented or adhesively bonded at a second visit

Why might I need crowns?

•The tooth has undergone significant decay and there is not enough tooth structure remaining for supporting a filling or an inlay-onlay and maintain functionaility.

•The tooth has large fractured and it cannot be built up using traditional composite bonding techniques.

•After  root canal treatment treatment, a post and core and  a crown is often needed to strengthen the tooth.

•For cosmetic reasons, to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Benefits of the dental crowns?

•Strengthen teeth and improve function

•Rebuild broken, decayed, cracked and worn teeth

•Improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth using shape, colour and alignment

•Protect teeth which are weakened and prone to cracked or fracture


Dental Crown Materials :

1.Porcelain fused to metal crown
2.All ceramic (all porcelain) crown
3.Metal or gold crown

The material selected is determined by the clinical demands at hand; esthetic demands, strength requirements, material durability and restorative space available.


Porcelain fused to metal crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide for a strong, durable, and esthetic treatment option. One of the key factors for the esthetic and functional success of this type of crown is ensuring the preparation of the underlying tooth structure provides adequate space for the appropriate thickness of metal and porcelain facing.

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns can be color matched to your adjacent teeth. However, more wearing to the opposing teeth occurs with this crown type compared with metal crowns. The crown's porcelain portion can also chip or break off.

However, the metal underlying the crown's porcelain can show the underlying metal or gold margin at the gum line as gums recede over time. These crowns can be a good choice for the back teeth.


All ceramic (all porcelain) crowns

All ceramic or all porcelain crowns are the best natural color match than any other crown type and may be more suitable for people with metal allergies. However, they are not as strong as porcelain fused to metal crowns and they wear down opposing teeth a little more than metal crowns. All-ceramic crowns are a good choice for front teeth.

Today, the predominant material choice for all-ceramic crowns is either zirconia, or aluminous materials. They provide a metal free esthetic option with a number of benefits.

All-ceramic materials continue to evolve in strength and durability, but caution should still be exercised for areas of the mouth requiring heavy function. Continuing research is exploring the significant vulnerabilities of the porcelain systems in such areas.


Metal or gold crowns

Metals used in crowns include gold alloy, other alloys (for example, palladium) or a base-metal alloy (for example, nickel or chromium). Compared with other crown types, less tooth structure needs to be removed with metal crowns, and tooth wear to opposing teeth is kept to a minimum. Also, they rarely chip or break. The metallic color is the main drawback. Metal crowns are a good choice for out-of-sight molars.

For gold crowns
Although not as popular a treatment choice for esthetic reasons, gold crowns are still indicated in some reasons. For example, patients with strong bites and those with parafunctional habits such as grinding or clenching might be better served with a gold crowns.

The gold material can provide stronger support to the remaining healthy tooth structure. Gold crowns offer a level of durability that is appropriate for teeth located in the back of teeth, where they will not be highly visible.

Gold crowns tend to offer greater longevity and require less preparation than all ceramic crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns. When chewing, gold tends to be less abrasive to the opposing tooth than porcelain. This helps to prevent wearing of the teeth.

























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